Marilyn Rhames is an award-winning author, speaker, education consultant, and founder of Teachers Who Pray. About Marilyn


In The Master Teacher, Marilyn Rhames provides a window into the teachings of Jesus Christ through 12 spiritual lessons drawn directly from the words and actions of Jesus and offers practical applications that ordinary classroom teachers, administrators, and school staff can use to enhance their daily practice. Learn about the pedagogy of Jesus Christ and what makes Him “The Master Teacher”; why a knowledge-rich curriculum is a biblical concept; why addressing race and class inequity in education is a spiritual mandate; why serving others is the best character development program and so much more!


This unique 12-month Teachers Who Pray prayer guide was written for teachers, by teachers. The six co-authors together have 99 years of education experience in urban, rural and suburban schools across America. They paired their professional expertise with their deep, rich love for God’s Word to create this spiritual resource for educators. It’s a book like none other!


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