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Dr. King’s Legacy of Equal Education Echoes in the Voices of Today’s Black Teachers

Fifty years ago today, one of the strongest advocates for equality in education and society at large was silenced. With the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968, African-Americans across the country mourned the loss of a man whose... Read More

Former Teacher of the Year Battles Her School District Over Her Son With Special Needs

Adam is a 6-year-old boy with speech and learning challenges. He’s courageous, but he is hurting. His future hangs in the balance. Adam has a hard time expressing himself in words. The only person in the world who understood him... Read More

Every Kid Needs a Champion, and Mrs. Saxon Was Mine

If you haven’t seen this video demonstrating the power of a good teacher, stop reading this blog now and watch it. You’ll see the tearful surprise that high school chorus teacher Gabrielyn Watson received as she returned to work after a... Read More

Are We Really 250 Years Away From Closing the Achievement Gap?

This “wait” has almost always meant “never.” … “Justice too long delayed is justice denied.” —Martin Luther King Jr., Letter From Birmingham Jail In honor of Dr. King’s legacy, a mentor-friend of mine, Peter Meyer, sent me an EducationNext report that... Read More

To the Millions of Juans: I Hope Your Teacher Doesn’t Fall Into the Belief Gap

I once heard a teacher say rather matter-of-factly that she hoped her fourth-grade student, let’s call him Juan, would one day get a job as a mechanic. I quipped, “I hope he gets a job as a mechanical engineer.” Juan... Read More

And You Thought Getting Into the Ivies Was Hard—Try These Chicago High Schools

Each day, my eighth-grade daughter sheds traits of childhood and morphs more into a young adult. At 5-foot-6, she’s just half-inch shorter than me, often mistaken as my younger sister. We’re even having honest (I hope) conversations about boys. But... Read More