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No one school, church, or educational organization is exactly alike, and no one person has all the answers. But as a former New York City journalist, Chicago Public Schools teacher, author of a book on great teaching, founder of the nonprofit Teachers Who Pray, current Ph.D. student in education policy, and the mother of a post-secondary, high school, and early elementary student, I know a thing or two about the strengths and failures within our American educational system.

I’ve edited K-12 math study guides, a children’s book on slavery, and a college and post-secondary career readiness curriculum for high school juniors. I’ve consulted a major philanthropy firm on equitable education funding and served as an expert evaluator of charter schools for a state agency. I’ve given two TEDx talks: one on teacher voice and the other on the powerful role of faith in public education. I was even invited to speak on constitutional pray in schools in the Oval Office of the White House.

If you need a thought partner to help solve problems in your organization, then I am here for you! I offer a research-based, data-oriented approach that never abandons the virtues of integrity, empathy, and wisdom. I cut my teeth on developing these varied skills during my 20+ years in communications, schools, and leading a nonprofit organization. Chances are good that I can really help you be better at serving your students, families, and communities.

If you need an education content editor, then I’m here for you! My years in the newsroom and the classroom work beautifully together to bring information and curriculum to life. I am able to demystify the process of creating crystal clear writing, saving organizations lots of frustration, money and time.

If you need a speaker who can electrify an audience, then I’m here for you! I’ve spent my life at the feet of great preachers and orators, and I’ve learned a thing or two. However, it’s my passion for children, education, and the gospel of Jesus Christ that frees and emboldens my spirit whenever I take the stage to speak.  I come prepared and ready to inspire.